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Complete Set Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor  + Avometer vantage dual monitoring system ( device to check cholesterol level & glucose.
Omron automatic blood pressure monitor
Product details - about Omron HEM7120 Blood Pressure Monitor
If you’re suffering from high blood pressure, you will know why it is important to have a blood pressure monitor at home.
Monitoring your blood pressure using a home blood pressure monitor can be a really useful way of seeing what your blood pressure is like in your daily life.
To get accurate readings, it is important to use the right monitor and the right technique.
Omron HEM7120 is the latest basic blood pressure monitor for home monitoring purposes.

Suitable Gift for Parents
Gift your parents with this simple to use blood pressure monitor for them to always keep their blood pressure in check, the most you can do in between juggling your own life. The previous reading of the blood pressure can be checked just by pressing the start/stop button for at least 5 seconds. This will help them keep track of their health.

Suitable for everyone.
This blood pressure monitor comes with an easy, one-touch operation that also has body movement detection, irregular heartbeat detection and hypertension indicator. Old or young, this machine is easy to handle.

Specifications of Omron HEM7120 Blood Pressure Monitor
What's in the box:

    1 x Main unit1 x Arm Cuff size 22-32cm1 x 4 AA Batteries1 x Instruction Manua1 x Warranty Card

*Special Returns Policy (Medical Equipment) on the delivery of all medical equipment products which are not suitable for return due to health protection or hygienic reasons if used by you after delivery, or which are, after delivery.
Color     White

Features of Omron Enhanced Intellisense BPM
  • Fully automatic
  • Personalised inflation level, no pain and discomfort
  • Quick deflation release valve for speedy measurement
  • Clear & large LCD display for easy reading
  • User friendly operation with large button

Avometer Vantage Dual Monitoring System

Mesin cek kolesterol - Avometer Vantage Dual Monitoring System For Total Cholesterol And Blood Glucose

  • Operation: 10 degree celcius - 40 degree celcius
  • Storage & Transportation: 4 degree celcius - 30 degree celcius
  • ISO 15197 & ISO 13485 ceritfied
  • Premium Pack comes with 10 Glucose Strips & 2 Cholesterol Strips
  • Blood Glucose
  • Principle: Electrical Biosensor
  • Substraye: Glucose Oxidase
Blood Glucose Non-Coding
  • Test Sample: Capillary Whole Blood
  • Sample Volume: 0.5μL
  • Measuring Time: 5 seconds
  • Measuring Range: 1.1mmol/L - 33.3mmol/L
  • 360 Test Memories
Blood Total Cholesterol
  • Principle: Electrical Biosensor Non-Coding: Auto-Strip Recognition
  • Test Sample: Capillary Whole Blood
  • Sample Volume: 10.0μL
  • Measuring Time: 26 seconds
  • Measuring Range: 2.6mmol/L - 10.4mmol/L
  • 50 Test Memories
  • Only one time coding needed for every new batch of strips
Strip (Cholesterol test strip) in promo pack will be replace with new one.(Long Expiry Date)
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Return Policy

  • 15 Days Return Policy



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