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TopFine Pen needles 5mm are designed for insulin injection.
Compatible with all leading insulin injection pens(BD Pen/NovoPen/Sanofi Solostar/Humalog Pen)

Medexel Technological Strength
1. No risk of falling cannula due to excellence adhesive
It is more safe by using adhesive harmless to humans.
2. No risk of bending needle due to strong cannula
Stiffness of cannula is proved by Kinking test. It reduces the risk of bending and diagonal needle.
3. Geometric cut makes easy penetration
MedExel’s geometric cutting skill reduce penetration time to reduce user’s pain.
The short penetration time of MedExel, and the moderate silicone coating. All these make patients feel less pain duing the injection.
4. Reduce pain and injection time with thin wall cannula
Thin wall which is thinner than other cannula, the pain and injection time decreased.



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